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Michael Kors Outlet UK thing Back to main menucelebrationsfraud preventionmanage

Five local stores concentrate on offering the next Michael Kors Online Outlet big Michael Kors Outlet UK thing Back to main menucelebrationsfraud preventionmanage your adplace an adsometimes the name says it all.When you walk into any one of the five next stores scattered throughout northeast ohio, you won’t see typical macy’s fare eileen fisher tunics or tommy hilfiger tees.Instead, you’re likely to notice labels you saw at that darling boutique in soho you wandered into or a brand you noted on a new minted celeb grinning from the pages of us weekly or ok magazine. « I’m really looking for what i like to call ‘pre nordstroms, ‘ »Says next founder steve silver.He’s also the shoe buyer for the next chain. « They haven’t quite hit the department stores yet.Or new york, and i try to bring those things to cleveland. « Did he say up and comers and cleveland in the same sentence?Such a sentiment flies in the face of the long held belief that when it comes to sartorial selection, northeast ohio, and midwest markets in general, are, oh, how do we say it?Conservative.Wedded to tradition.Dull.Wrong, says menswear buyer robert rosenthal, who co founded the company with silver. www.kidoclic.co.uk « I’ll be honest.I know retailers all over the country, and i’ve found the cleveland market to be very accepting and very fast.Vendors who i do business with tell me we’ve been able to start momentum brands even quicker than stores in new york. « Rosenthal’s customers are so quick to spot and embrace the next big thing that »Sometimes we don’t get enough out of a trend.We’re much faster than chicago, we’re much faster than pittsburgh, we’re much faster than detroit. « That’s Why it made sense to dub the company »Next, »Rosenthal says: « We’ve always tried to offer something far more progressive than what a consumer could get [in other stores in the area], and i’ve found that they’ve embraced it. « Fast and trendy were hardly words you’d associate with rosenthal and silver’s first venture. « We were formerly a company called chagrin river clothing co.And sold preppy clothing to 35 to 55 year old upper middle class folks.So we did a 180. « Why?In the late 1980s and early ’90s, says rosenthal, their core customers stopped spending money on their wardrobes and started buying homes and computers.The first next shop opened on shaker boulevard in 1997.Known for edgy, hip hop flavored »Streetwear, »The next team branched out into the adult contemporary market some three years ago with the opening of a shop at beachwood place moving, they like to say, from urban to urbane.Rosenthal and silver opened their newest store on coventry road in cleveland heights in july.Rosenthal and silver are hometown boys, which gives them an advantage over buyers for national chains who parachute into town and try to anticipate the taste of clevelanders. « We understand cleveland, »Rosenthal says. « Nordstrom has to merchandize for 500 stores whatever the number is where we can merchandise to the neighborhood.We can do things in coventry that are very different than beachwood.We want all our stores to have a different flavor. « They know, for instance, that they’re likely to catch a 40 something mom toting a gucci bag and browsing the racks with her 16 year old daughter in the beachwood place store, while at the coventry road location, a student from the cleveland institute of art with impressive tattoos might be checking out the wares.A common denominator among the shops, say the owners, is the range of the hard to find brands next offers stuff you won’t see elsewhere.Silver, also known as next’s shoe guru, is partial to a kicky line called 80%20, footwear created by designer ce ce chin, who cut her teeth designing for calvin klein, michael kors and dkny.Her heels look like flats but provide a much needed lift, thanks to a hidden wedge.

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