With the Multi-Activity Card, enjoy more than 25 activities, to 9 am to 9 pm.

Wednesday 22 March

New Year's Eve Festivities

The New Year's Eve festivities in Saint Martin are a really magical experience ! Entertainment i...

9th edition of the RMC Sport Games

The RMC SPORT GAMES is the place where the RMC Dream Team of journalists and commentators will m...

Market in Les Menuires

Come and discover all the local produce for sale at the market.

Boarder at the BK Park

Enrolment on the spot. Lot of price to win. Access by la Becca Chairlift

Circuit Aqua Training

Circuit Aqua Training at the Sport Centre.

Bon Appetit Derby

Come and enjoy an amazing skiing experience with the Bon Appetit Team. The derby takes place on ...

Weight training

Weight training in the Sports Centre.


Muscle building in the Sports Centre.

The Belleville Valley's wildlife with Sébastien Ratel

Come and discover the Belleville Valley's wildlife with Sébastien Ratel, nature photographer

Biathlon Experience

Discover the biathlon with professionnals. Loan of nordic material (ski or snowshoe) on site. Fr...


The Sports Centre's lifeguards give aquagym lessons for your well-being and relaxation.

Mix Yoga Pilates

Breathing based lesson concentrating on deep muscle development, posture improvement, muscle fle...


Dancehall in the Les Menuires Sports Centre.

Aqua Step Trampo

Soirée Mojito au Bar Pub Le Mousse

The Igloo Exkimos

A great adventure! The ski instructors are taking the children on a night-time expedition: 15 m...

Yur-tasters for everyone

Join us at the "Prosneige Croisette" office. After a 15-minute descent on snowshoes or on a tobo...

Ski touring with a cheesy ending

After a leisurely one-hour ascent, there's an aperitif and fondue meal waiting for you as a rewa...

Discovery of Do In

Do In, a derivative of shiatsu, allows in just a few minutes to relax, to alleviate localized pa...

Yoga for all

Relax your body and mind with a yoga class.

Seated Shiatsu

Enjoy a Shiatsu massage – a practice that uses comfortable pressure, touch and manipulative tech...

Learn the basics of relaxation

Learn some breathing and meditation basics, for exercises that can be used daily.

An ABC to well-being

Discover some simple exercises to enhance your sense of well-being!

Aquagym lessons

Many aquagym classes to relax or to keep shape.

Discovery of Do In

Do In, a derivative of shiatsu, allows in just a few minutes to relax, to alleviate localized pa...


Puressentiel is offering aromatherapy workshops in Les Menuires the weekend of 1st and 2nd April...

Orchestre Pop

Quelque chose de Téléphone

Concert avec EXIT

Quelque chose de Goldman

High Voltage / Tribute band AC/DC

La Folie Rouge 2017

How to avoid conflicts and "burn-out"

Simple advice on how to live better and and avoid professional exhaustion

Sophrology (relaxation therapy) in sports preparation

Sophrology is a method of full relaxation which helps to guide you towards self fulfillment, to ...

How to be fully conscious of everyday life.

Tips on how to live a better on a daily basis.

Stress management and how to deal with difficult times

Tips on how to live a better on a daily basis.

Your voice and the senses.

Tips on how to live a better on a daily basis.

Concentration and meditation in the open air.

Tips on how to live a better on a daily basis.

Discussion about sophrology (relaxation therapy) :

How to use sophrology to prepare for competitions and exams. Discussion over a buffet with smoo...

Bubble foot

Have a go at five-a-side "Bubble football". Step out of your own bubble and into ours! Meeting ...

Mini ball

Come and dance to an hour of music songs especially for kids where everyone is happy to sing, la...

Aqua Legs Bums and Tums

Legs Bums and Tums workout in water with the Sports Centre lifeguards.

Abdos stretching

Activity at the Sport Centre.

Gentle gym session

Gym session which enables you to gently work your muscles, focusing on your breathing and flexi...

Les Bruyères Aquagym

Both for relaxing and exercising, the ‘aquagym’ is the perfect place to begin a ‘wellbeing’ rout...

Sledging by night for children at La Croisette

Sledging by night for young children. Free access under parents or accompagying adults responsab...

Luge nocturne pour Les petits Les Bruyères

Sledging by night for young children. Free access under parents or accompagying adults responsab...

Yoga in Saint Martin

Discover yoga and enjoy the well-being that it procures. Register at the Tourist Office. Sports ...

Find out how a skilift works

Obligatory renrolment at the skipass offices or Saint Martin Tourist Office. Cancelled if the we...

Thursday Night Show - New Year's Eve

Do you love to watch the night sky light up? Come and enjoy a spectacular firework display alon...

Thursday Night Show - Russian New Year’s Eve

How about celebrating the Russian New Year together? Come and join us for fireworks, strolling m...

Thursday Night Show - Backstage

MTB freestyle show, piste basher choreography, ‘Lighting Riders’ synchronised skiing, ‘luminéole...

Thursday Night Show – ‘Crazy holidays’

Do you fancy something different? On Thursday evening you can enjoy the ‘Lighting Riders’ synch...

Thursday Night Show in Les Bruyères – ‘Crazy holidays’

Thursday is THE night for Les Bruyères’ torchlight descent. Programme: ‘Lighting Riders’ synchro...

Thursday Night Show - Ded Moroz & Snegoureshka

Come and enjoy the magic of a torchlight descent and the ‘Lighting Riders’ on the first Thursday...

Fly fishing course

La Vallée des Belleville has numerous fishing spots. The Doron, with 100km of banks, 12 natural...

Yogi ski week

The Yogi Ski Week from 1st to 8th April in Les Menuires is the perfect way to experience great s...

Menuires Geek Festival

Ski Open Coq d'Or

3 Vallées Enduro

at 7h30

A way to discover Les 3 Vallées with everyone participating in a “category” : pros, amateurs, fa...

Yéti Race

at 8h00

The Yeti Race is a 10 to 20 km race on snow with tests in orientation skills, precision, strengt...

Church of Saint Martin de Belleville

at 9h00

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie

at 9h00

The church sanctuary, situated between St Marcel and St Martin de Belleville was built between 1...

Black Bee Fete

at 9h30

Conference, exhibitions, visit of ruchers

Thursday night show - 21st Trophée de l'Espoir (Trophy of Hope)

at 10h00

Supported by David Douillet, the Trophée de l'Espoir's aim is to raise money for a charity which...

Celebration, Fête at the lake below Les Bruyères

at 10h30

A Day dedicated to nature. Open air Mass ceremony followed by a giant barbecue. Guided visit of ...


at 10h30

Each Sunday

Musical entertainment with Bruno and Valérie

at 10h30

Live music with Bruno and Valérie every sunday morning before the resort presentation at La Croi...

Snowshoe outings with the French Ski School

at 13h00

Discovery of the environment and rich heritage of the "La Vallée des Belleville" Different outi...

European Heritage Days : free visit of the Museum

at 14h00

Guided visit of the museum which retraces 150 years of the history of the Commune of Saint Mart...

6 Resorts Tournament

at 17h45

Les Menuires will host one leg of the "6 Stations" rugby tournament. 7-a-side rugby tournament ...

The Les Flocon cinema

at 18h00

2 screen cinema in Les Bruyères Programme available on an answer machine (in French) : 00 33 4 ...

The Les Bruyères Cinema

at 18h00

2 screen cinema in Les Bruyères Programme available on an answer machine (in French) : + 33 4...

New Year Celebrations in Les Bruyères

at 18h00

Can’t wait to celebrate New Year in the snow? We’ll see you at 6pm for all sorts of fun: the fa...

Christmas Celebrations

at 18h00

Come and experience into Christmas eve with merry songs. Then the torchlight descent organized b...

Wine Tasting Week

at 18h00

With a glass in hand, you can go and discover the riches of French vineyards.

Squash tournament

at 18h00

Squash tournaments at the sports centre. Registrations before 5.30pm.

Karaoke party au Leeberty

at 20h00

Le Leeberty - Night Club

at 23h00

Disco Club Dance. Free Shuttle to ruturn back inside the resort.

Nuit de La Bière Au Leeberty

at 23h00

Route du rhum au Leeberty

at 23h00

Club Selection au leeberty

at 23h00

Special Residents au Leeberty

at 23h00