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Results – adopt a cablecar

Adopt a cablecar : game results

You were more than 11 000 persons to take part in our competition to try to win a week’s all inclusive holiday or get your name on one of the Menuires cable cars!
Watch the video to know if you are one of the 80 winners.

The list of the winners

Adeline Nectoux, France
Agathe lederer, France
Alla Bezverkha, Ukraine
Allan de Lima Costa, Irland
Alwin Meijer Brands, Norway
Amandine Gros, France
Amelie lecomte, France
Andreea Gulacsi, Belgium
Anne Minaud, France
Anne Mercier, France
Anne-Sophie Devauchelle, France
Anthony Lathiere, France
Antoine Clarinval, Belgium
Audrey Calvalido, France
Benedicte Briand, France
Benedikt Nagel, Germany
Berenice Lefebvre, France
Bianca Maria Moise, Irland
Camille Ruiu, France
Camille Ruel, France
Catherine Loiseau, France
Cecile Roussel, France
Charlotte Maingneur, France
Christine Chincholle, France
Deborah Parkinson, U.S.A

Dominique Labate, France
Dorothée Deleporte, France
Dragomir Lazarov, Bulgaria
Edouard Duhamel, France
Elise Sabin, France
Elise Szmarowski, France
Elodie Wilmès, Belgium
Erik Anderson, Norway
Etienne Jacquemin, France
Fabrice Dedetter, France
florence Pageot, France
Frederic Cardi, France
Hajo Smit, Netherlands
Hervé Montabonel, France
Iain Martin, England
Jeanne Henocque, France
Joël Rouyer, France
Julie Coustenoble, France
Kevin Kleiber, France
Laetitia Keen, France
Lionel Favrot, France
Lucile Messador, France
Ludivine Rossi, France
Manita de Kinkelder-de Roo, Netherlands
Marc Hutse, Belgium

Marie Sebille, France
Marine Cochin, France
Marjorie Giraudot, France
Marko Myllymaa, Finland
Mathieu Noirault, France
Matthias Kiehl, France
Matthieu Esquerre, France
Maxime Walczyk, France
Nelly Girardin, France
Noemie Menardais, France
Rebecca Wolfenden, England
Robin Boereboom, Netherlands
Ronan Katz, Israël
Salama Diallo, France
Sasha D’Hondt, Belgium
Sébastien Lefranc, France
Stephane Fusier, France
Stephane Favreau, France
* Stephanie Vande Broeck, Belgium
Stéphanie Chabert, France
Stephen Dunkerley, England
Thibaut Cadoux, France
Thierry Pequignot, France
Thomas Bataille, France
Valerie Gomes Da Costa, France
Vincent Guilluy, France
Wolfgang Greiner, Germany
Xavier Kada, France
Yannick Garod, France
Zoe-Martin Angelosanto, France

The lucky winner of the magic gondola
and the all-inclusive stay is:
* Stephanie Vande Broeck, Belgium


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