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Holiday checklist

With just a few days to go before the start of your holiday, you’ll be beginning to think about what to pack in your suitcase. But have you thought of everything? While you’re making plans, here’s a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget anything before your big departure.

What to take on holiday

  • Ski wear – helmet, goggles, gloves, jacket and trousers and/or ski suit. And don’t forget some ski socks.
  • Après-ski outfits – what a pleasure it is to remove your ski boots after a good day skiing! Take warm boots, a scarf and a hat to be comfortable the rest of the time.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses – it’s wonderful to be able to drink a coffee in the sunshine on the terrace of a mountain chalet! But it’s even better if you protect your skin and eyes from the sun: UV rays are particularly powerful in the mountains in winter.
  • A swimsuit – no, we’re not joking! The resort has two swimming pools and a spa, one at the La Croisette Sports Centre, the other at the Espace Aqualudique des Bruyères; ideal for relaxing after a good day skiing.
  • A first aid kit – in case of minor injuries.
  • A camera for taking photos and/or videos as souvenirs of your holiday. On that note, Les Menuires offers professional editing of your holiday videos. Simply pay a visit here with the code MAVIDEO.
  • Phone charger – it’s impossible to run out of juice even on the slopes: mobile-phone charging stations are available at the Roc 1 picnic area.
  • Snow chains / socks..


Tip: If you don’t have skiwear, don’t panic! You can hire everything you need in advance of your holiday and pick it up when you arrive. The same applies to equipment.

Friendly advice – just before departure

  • Try out your snow chains or snow socks to make sure everything’s OK in case you ever need to use them. If you do need to fit them, designated chain-fitting areas are provided on the road between Moutiers and Les Menuires.
  • Keep some warm clothes in your car (gloves, hat and good boots) as well as an electric lamp, water and food in case of traffic holdups.
  • Find out where your accommodation is located
  • Download the resort application for free detailed weather and road conditions as well as lots of other useful info for your holiday: discover, in real-time, when ski lifts and runs are open and the statistics of your day on the slopes! Download the app on AppStore and Google Play.


Tip: remember to locate the key-collection point and your accommodation address on the resort map – they may not be at the same place. See the resort map


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