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Speed Mountain

A really unusual toboggan run on rails.
Landscaped from beginning to end for a real change of scenery, excitement and breathtaking souvenirs! On individual sledges, children and adults take on Boukty, the resort’s mascot, over a 1000 m long run (the longest in the French Alps) on the twists, descents and raised bends… and all in a sumptuous setting.


Boukty challenge

The run is landscaped (grotto, tree trunk, totem pole…) and has about ten Boukty challenge the med signboards: the aim is to beat his record! Thanks to 3 control points, the tobogganist knows how he is getting on: as prudent as a snail or a marmot , fast and agile like a hare or an ibex . Open to children from 3 years old sharing a toboggan with an adult, Speed Mountain is a real family activity.


1 turn
8 €
5 turns
34 €
10 turns
51 €
20 turns
89 €

Prices* with Multi-Activity Card

1 turn
7,2 €
5 turns
30,60 €
10 turns
45,90 €
20 turns
80,10 €

*The price is per toboggan for 1 or several descents on the Speed Mountain run (lift and run down) with the option of being two on one toboggan – weight limit 146kg. Open to children aged 5+. Children under 1m10 must be accompanied by an adult. Purchasing a pass for several descents (5/10/20 turns) does not permit simultaneous loans of several toboggans


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