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Saturday 13 July

Le Bettaix Trout Festival

Fishing competition Sign up on the day from 7am Throughout the day: bar, various entertainme...

Villarabout village fete

Traditional village fete with knitting competition, slipper throwing contest, various entertainm...

Ballroom dance - Tango

Tango beginners lesson in the Sports Centre.

Thighs, tums & bums

Thighs, tums & bums activity at the Sports Centre.

Step débutant

Step course at the Sports Centre.


Fit'Danse Aerobics in the Sports Centre.

Saint Martin 1 Gondola

Enjoy a gondola ride in Saint Martin, and then the Saint Martin Express Chairlift to reach the T...

Masse Gondolas

La Masse 2 gondola offers you many walks of varying difficulty and access to Lake Longet in less...

Saint Martin 2 Chairlift

Enjoy a gondola ride in Saint Martin, and then take the Saint Martin Express Chairlift to reach ...

Zumba Dance

Zumba in the Les Menuires Sports Centre. Zumba is a "dance" combining Latin American dances and...


Stretching at the Sport Centre.

Cardio boxing

Cardio boxing in the Sports Centre.

Reberty Chairlift

The Reberty chairlift is situated at the bottom of La Masse and allows you access to Les Bruyère...

Soirée oenologique - Château PIBARNON (Bandol)

Once a month, the restaurant La Bouitte gives carte blanche to exceptional wine growers with 7 t...


Fit Ball at the Sport Centre la Croisette


Muscle toning workshops. Ideal for gentle muscle development.

Télécabine Masse 1

La Masse 1 gondola offers you many walks of varying difficulty and access to Lake Longet in less...

Saint Martin en Scène- Cie vibration visuelle- spectacle Vivi

Step Confirmé

Step course at the Sports Centre.

Festival for the 14th of July

For the Bastille Day ceremony, enjoy an unforgetable party on La Croisette, followed by live mus...

Soirée oenologique - Champagne G. H. MUMM

Once a month, the restaurant La Bouitte gives carte blanche to exceptional wine growers with 7 t...


Weight training in the Sports Centre.

Circuit CAF

Thighs, tums & bums activity at the Sports Centre.

Body Barre

Body sculpturing activity in the Les Menuires Sports Centre. Body sculpturing is a get fit metho...

Ludiquad Concept

A fun, marked out and secure circuit with Vincent. Activity from age 4 years old. Quad biking ...


Tabata in the Sports Centre.

Circuit Training

Cross Training at the Sports Centre.


Breathing based lesson concentrating on deep muscle development, posture improvement, muscle fle...

Rock Dance

Rock dance. initiation course.

Mountain walks with the Valley Guides.

Every week, different walks are organised by the Belleville Guides Office : from easy half day r...

Ballroom dancing

Come and strutt your stuff to the music at the end of the day! Included with the Multi-activity...

Beach volleyball

With friends or during our tournaments, 2 courts to have fun or challenge one another

Children's Club 6-12 years old

Sledge, treeclimbing, tennis, archery, treasure hunt... In the morning and/or in the afternoon,...

Teens'Club 12-17 years old

A whole range of activities for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old: Beach volleyball, basketball...


To discover the joys of a tatami or improve your ippon technique, judo lessons are organised in ...

Cha-Cha dance

Cha cha danse beginners lesson.

Enduro des Belleville Mountain Biking

The weekend of 17th and 18th August, the Enduro des Belleville is back!

Electric MOUNTAIN BIKE outing

In the Belleville Valley, the mountain guides offer electric mountain bike trips. Available for...

Chamois-watching trip

at 8h45

Trip suitable for all ages! A half-day outing led by mountain guides. Learn about the life of ...

Craft markets

at 9h00

Discover local crafts and Savoyard produce in the centre of St Martin de Belleville.

Church of Saint Martin de Belleville

at 9h00

All the enthusiasm of the mountainous dwellings of the XVII. Century is reflected in this magnif...

Atelier d'art et de loisirs créatifs aux Menuires

at 9h00

Express your talents ! Discover painting on silk, wood or glass, mosaic, clay modelling, water c...

Hiking: Visit an alpine pasture

at 9h00

An easy walk suitable for the whole family. Learn about the work of an ‘alpagiste’: taking care...

Marmot-watching trip

at 9h00

You have to stay very quiet to catch a glimpse of marmots! Shhhh, they’re coming out of their b...


at 9h15

Aquagym classes every day open from 16 years and over. Inclus avec les cartes multiloisirs.

Aqua' Step Abdos

at 9h15

The Lifeguards of the Menuires Sports Centre accompany you during an Aqua' Step abdos session fo...

Baby swimmers summer

at 9h15

Unforgettable family fun. Every Saturday at 9.15am. From 6 months to 5 years old.

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie

at 9h30

The church sanctuary, situated between St Marcel and St Martin de Belleville was built between 1...

Hatha Yoga

at 9h30

Outdoor courses by the water in a beautiful setting

The Burdin mill

at 9h30

Discover the Burdin water mill, old grain mill. Guided visits at 10h and 11h on Fridays. Access...


at 10h00

Archery in Saint Martin, this activity takes place twice a week, for everyone from 6 years old w...

Story time "Clarine the mountain cow"

at 10h00

An activity for the little ones at the museum in St Martin. Come and listen to the tales of a sm...

Animation ludique - Vélos rigolos

at 10h00

Les Ateliers de Morgane

at 10h00

With Morgan discover Workshops: "De la Feuille à la Table": making of a tasting basket (drink, s...

Saint Martin tout'azimut

at 10h00

Travel back in time and discover local traditions by following a game in the village of Saint Ma...

Aqua' fitness

at 10h15

The Sports Centre's lifeguards give aquagym lessons for your well-being and relaxation.

Aqua Fitness

at 10h15

Aquagym in Les Menuires


at 10h15

Aquabike at the Aquafun pool and wellness Centre. Enrolment obligatory the day before.

Visite guidée : L'épopée des Menuires

at 10h30

With the Savoie/Facim History and Art of the high valleys, participate in discovery picture conf...

15th August Celebrations

at 10h30

Outdoor Mass in front of the church Notre Dame de la Vie and traditional celebrations in the vil...

Atelier d'art et de loisirs créatifs à St Martin de Belleville

at 14h00

Express your talents ! Paint on silk, wood or glass, mosaic, clay modelling, water colours, acry...

A tour of the Belleville hamlets

at 14h00

Discover the history of two of the Belleville Valley’s twenty hamlets during Heritage Week. Unc...

Véro's Workshop

at 14h00

A woodland walk and some blueberry tart

at 14h00

This is a pleasant walk which takes you through woodlands and traditional villages; suitable for...

Baroque in every sense of the world

at 14h00

A magical experience for old and young to learn about the fascinating history of Notre-Dame-de-l...

Saint martin en scène - Compagnie Dr Troll - Pépé

at 14h00

Les Ateliers de Delphine

at 14h00

Belleville Baroque: awaken your senses! Guided tour

at 14h00

As a family, discover the history of Belleville in a unique religious site in the mountains. Wak...

Guided visit of the Saint Martin Museum

at 14h30

Guided visit of the museum which retraces 150 years of the history of the Commune Les Belleville...

Les Ateliers d'Aferdita

at 15h00

Animation ludique "spéciale" : Goûter et jeux de société

at 16h00

Beer festival

at 16h00

Beer tasting and take away, come and try the local beers from the region.

Tarentaise Festival concert: Papa Bach

at 17h00

Presentation and welcome drink in Saint Martin

at 18h00

Presentation of the village and the different activities which are available. Takes place by the...

Saint Martin en scène - Les rétrocyclettes - Compagnie Les petits détournements

at 18h00

Saint Martin en scène - Banc de sable - Compagnie 126 kilos

at 18h00

projection/débat Parc national de la Vanoise "Mon voyage en Vanoise"

at 18h00

Danse disco

at 18h00

Paso Pablo beginners lesson.

Valse Viennoise Dance

at 19h00

dance initiation course.

Paso doble

at 19h00

Paso Pablo beginners lesson.

Salsa Dance

at 19h00

Salsa initiation course.

Bachata dancing

at 19h00

bachata dance initiation course.

Soirée oenologique - Domaine des ARDOISIÈRES (Savoie)

at 19h30

Once a month, the restaurant La Bouitte gives carte blanche to exceptional wine growers with 7 t...

Adult swimming

at 20h00

Adult swimming course at the Sports Centre.

Inventaire des Papillons de nuit

at 20h00

Aquagym with flippers

at 20h00

Aquagym classes with flippers run by the lifeguards at the sports centre pool in Les Menuires.

Festival Baroque de Tarentaise : Concerto Soave - Nuit illuminée au coeur de la nuit sacrée

at 20h30

Savoie Musical Festivals Concert: Quatuor Philharmonica de Novossibirsk

at 21h00

Concert des Fêtes Musicales de Savoie : Les classiques en jazz

at 21h00


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